Your new fully fitted kitchen starts here. Choose from an extensive range of styles,
units, personalised designs and high-performance appliances.

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Unique Designs

Our designs are inspired by the pure creation of our clients, where each design has its own story to tell. From your traditional to modern kitchen, every single design has its own unique character which lies within the detail. The curvature of a corner, or the astonishing burr of rare wood. Overtime, we’ve perfected our techniques to make your everyday kitchen a little more luxurious. We make sure as a team, we understand how you utilise your space by using our experience to highlight those extra touches.

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Premium Materials

At Charles Price Furniture, we go a step further. With us, not only do you choose a colour but you can choose your desired material too. We utilise premium materials such as acrylic, ceramic, glass and unique wood veneers to create the foundation of our kitchen ranges. Acrylic is durable and reflective, extremely easy to clean, maintain and have excellent hygienic properties. Ceramics are made of 100% natural components, with finishes that speak prestige and style. Glass material is known for its sleek and modern look. And wood, a natural and organic material that create beautiful textures and patterns in a kitchen.


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